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This webserver is dedicated to information about Prague airport taxiservices, we want to describe as much about prague airport cabs as possible. We hope this site will help everyone who need an airport taxi in Prague and does not want to pay extra high money. If you want to book cheap airport taxi in Prague we believe this is right page for you. Read the following pages and be smart! There is many options, some can be very expensive, on the other hand, if you know what to do, you can save a lot of money.

How expensive is the taxi from Prague airport?

Thanks God the times when it was simply impossible to catch a honest cab in Prague has passed. Situation is much better now (2013) than 10 - 20 years ago. Believe it or not, you could pay much more money for a Prague taxi than in the most expensive cities round the world, like London, New York or Amsterodam. Read more about cost of Prague airport taxi in the next section of this website.

Taxi still overcharge in 2013

This is example how (some) taxi drivers still rip tourists off in Prague. This video is a proof of it. A Dutch tourist travelling from Vaclav Havel airport to Melnik town which is about 50 km from the airport caught first cab available. By the taxi meter the fare should not be over 1500 CZK, but after about 10 km from the airport the car was stopped by the police and the meter showed 1113 CZK!! This guy is one of these "famous" Prague taxi drivers who charge 99 CZK per 1 km!! The video is in the Czech language but I think you will understand the situation when the driver does not want his client to switch to AAA Radiotaxi, argues with the police officers and keep the luggage of his passenger in the trunk. Really nasty! Watch it.

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What is the difference between taxi and transfer?

Well, word taxi is known as a description for transport anywhere, word transfer means just transport from airport to the center of Prague or to another destination. You book airport transfer if you want to get from airport just to your hotel or apartment or vice versa. Prague airport transfers started to operate sometimes round 1995 year as a reaction to overcharging Prague taxi drivers. Read more about driver manners on next pages.

Taxi from airport, public transport or helicopter?

What options you have to get from Prague airport after your arrival? There is public transport set between the Vaclav Havel airport and the center of Prague. Unfortunately, there is no underground (metro) longed to airport so you must get on a bus. Few bus lines go to Prague tube terminuses - line 100 to Zlicin, line 119 to Dejvicka and some other lines to different metro stops in Prague.

Prague taxi companies

Taxi companies

There is about 200 taxi companies operating in Prague, some are really famous and known by bad behaviours of their chaffeurs and by ripping passengers . You can meet yellow cabs - AAA Taxi Praha or silver Volkswagen or minibuses CEDAZ in front of the exit of the arrival halls and few other parking at the public parking lots nearby. We do not recommend catching first cab available! Use internet booking and book a transfer from the airport instead.

Transfer services

Some transfer companies operate between Prague airport and the center (hotels, congress halls) at a fix (fixed) price. The system works like this: you book your trip in advance via internet or sms and there is a car with a driver sent to the arrivals of Vaclav Havel airport. The chaffeur waits for you in the meeting hall with a sign with your name or with an agreed logo of the company. Usually transfer companies work better than taxi, drivers are able to speak english or other languages, they help clients with their luggage and, because there is fixed rate per the transfer, they drive you the quickest way to the place of your stay in Prague. They do not need to go extra miles like taxi cab drivers sometimes (often in Prague) do. Read more in the section Taxi stories...

In the case you want to travel with minimal hassle and stress it is good to use service of some trustable transfer companies in Prague.